Should I Replace My Roof? 10 Signs it Might Be Time


A roof in good condition not only preserves your investment, but also protects your family and possessions from the elements. You might have ask yourself this question: “Should I replace my roof?” Here, we share our top 10 signs that it’s time to consider changing your roofing. 🤔🏠

1. Deterioration of tiles or shingles

If you notice any visible deterioration of the tiles or shingles, such as curling, cracking, warping, granular loss or broken pieces, it may be a sign of advanced wear.

should i replace my roof

2. Don’t forget the valleys!

Keep a close eye on the valleys. A valley is the junction of two roof slopes forming an internal angle. It is subject to more water and snow accumulation than any other part of the roof. So keep an eye on their condition, as they are more prone to water infiltration!

3.  Missing tiles or shingles 🔎

Missing tiles or shingles can create vulnerable areas where water can seep in. Inspect your roof regularly to make sure no material is missing.

4. Presence of mould or fungi 😷🍄

Sometimes mould, mildew, moss or algae develop on roofs due to the accumulation of dust, dirt and other organic debris. If you notice dark spots, this may indicate roofing problems and certainly accelerated aging of your roof covering.

5. Granule accumulation in gutters 🔍

Shingles generally lose their protective granules over time. If you find an unusual accumulation of granules in the gutters, it could be a sign that your shingles are at the end of their life.

6. Water infiltration

If you see water leaking inside your home, it could be a clear sign of roofing problems. Seepage creeps into your attic and appears as water stains on your ceilings. It’s important to act quickly to avoid major damage to your home. ⚠️

damaged roofing should i replace my roof

7. Recent storms or extreme damage

Severe storms, high winds or other extreme weather conditions can damage your roof, even if the signs are not immediately visible. After such events, a professional inspection is recommended.

8. Glimpses of light in the attic

If you can see daylight through your roof, it probably means there are gaps or cracks. These openings can allow water to seep in, and need to be dealt with quickly.

9. Higher energy bills

An inefficient roof can lead to a loss of insulation, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs. If you’re seeing a significant increase in your energy bills, your roof could be to blame. Get onto it! 💸

10. Aging roof

We advise you to check with your insurer, who often no longer offers protection against water ingress once your roof has exceeded its lifespan. You’re under no obligation to replace it, but it’s a good idea to be well-informed in advance!

Not neglecting these vital signs can prevent costly damage and extend the lifespan of your roof. At AP Toitures et Fils, we understand the importance of a strong, healthy roof. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us for a thorough evaluation. 🏠

Should I Replace My Roof? 10 Signs it Might Be Time