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Roof snow and ice removal: when to act?

  Winter coming soon also means snowfall is coming soon. While it brings us the magic of the holidays, snow accumulation and water accumulation can be damaging for your roof. Even if our homes are designed to face winter precipitations, accumulations can be damaging.   Prevent: the best way to avoid trouble; what do you […]

Damaged roof: what should I do?

  As well as protect you from the elements, your roof helps regulate the temperature of your home. With the arrival of fall and colder temperatures also comes an increase in windy days, which could cause important damage to your home. Fall is the perfect moment to check the state of your roof, before the […]

4 signs that it’s time to repair your roof

  Knowing when it’s time to change or repair one’s roof can be a complicated business. Indeed, how can you know if your roof needs repairing? Knowing that insurance companies don’t cover water infiltrations if the roof is older than 20 years, it’s definitely something to think about. Here are 4 signs that it’s time […]

Replacing your shingle roof: a one day deal!

Having your shingle roof replaced can seem like a long and arduous process. After all, most people don’t know what this entails, and frankly, it seems complicated. Hence the beauty of letting the pros like AP Toitures et Fils take care of it! One shingle roof in one day, it’s possible! But how do we […]

Does your roof need renovations?

Comment savoir si ma toiture doit être réparée ou remplacée en totalité?

Seul un entrepreneur couvreur certifié peut vous donner l’heure juste concernant l’état de votre toiture commerciale ou résidentielle. Lors d’une inspection, ce dernier vérifie une foule de détails pouvant échapper à votre attention.

Professional roof maintenance: the best way to extend its lifespan

Nos spécialistes vous renseignent sur l’importance de l’entretien d’une toiture. Il est crucial de la confier à un professionnel qui saura établir les actions à être prise pour assurer sa durabilité et éviter également le pire.

A good roof ventilation can make you save!

Comment la ventilation de votre toiture peut-elle vous faire économiser? Un toit mal ventilé entraîne inévitablement les problèmes suivants : Pertes de chaleur en hiver, surchauffe en été, etc.

Winter is over: take care of your roof!

Tout au long de l’hiver, votre toiture a été exposée à des conditions climatiques difficiles. Les rafales de vent, la pluie verglaçante, la neige, la grêle et le gel ont pu l’endommager et nuire à son étanchéité.

5 things to consider when choosing shingle!

Your angled roofing needs a new life? Shingle roofing is the best option for you! Easy to install Ideal for angled roofs Affordable prices Easy to maintain Many colors and styles available However, among all the available models, how to make sure to choose the one for us? Before spending, here are 5 things to […]

1 day, 1 roof: even during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to change our ways of thinking, of acting and, for businesses like AP Toitures et Fils, of operating. Indeed, what does this new reality mean for the shingle roofing pros? Interview with Peter Massie, owner of AP Toitures et Fils. During the COVID-19 quarantine, what measures have you taken […]

No deposit before the work

You only pay afterwards, if you are 100% satisfied with the work

No deposit before work!

You only pay afterwards, if you are 100% satisfied with the work
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Customer service, essential in our values

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Customer service, essential in our values

Client comments


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We are here to answer all your questions!



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